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Frazier Outfitting specializes in classic Western Mountain pack trips. The two most popular options are: 

Full-Service Base Camp Trips
We make you comfortable in the wilderness and take care of all the details. Once you and your gear arrive at camp, there are no schedules unless you request one. This type of trip can be customized from a minimum of 3 days to several days and offers participants the experience of a "home base" in a remote, scenic location. You then can choose to explore the terrain, the wildflowers, the fishing around camp or ride out from camp with the guides for a couple of hours to a full day. 

Rides from camp allow you several alternatives to choose from. You may want to travel to the Continental Divide one day, or to "fish an alpine lake" further from camp the next day, or to view large herds of elk "summering" with their calves in adjacent valleys on another day. Any excursion from camp will provide you an unforgettable experience with spectacular views both to and from. 

The base camp itself centers around a 16 X 24 foot wall tent which serves as the "hearth" for cooking, eating, and socializing. Meals and accommodations available at no additional cost. Good hearty meals are served at a table. A woodstove provides heat when necessary. This tent comes in handy for playing cards or just "visiting" when a storm passes through. Dome tents are provided for sleeping and personal areas. We have different tent sizes to fit the group size and configuration. A solar shower is available and a latrine tent is conveniently located "up the mountain" from camp. 

3 days, 2 nights, $900/person, 4 person minimum
4 days, 3 nights, $1200/person, additional day $300

Drop/Pickup Your Camp
This service is often used by campers to maximize their length of stay at a remote back country area or by backpackers with families or other reasons requiring some support in getting them and/or gear to a campsite. You provide your own camp. We take you in and bring you out. Some groups choose to ride in and hike out. Others use the service to have their gear delivered to a designated site. All transport is done by horseback. Dates are negotiable. 

Rates: $150/per horse/per trip (6 horse minimum)


Frazier Outfitting is a small business with 26 years of experience specializing in personal, quality outdoor adventures. We are a full-time outfitting operation. Phone: 719-588-3386   (Co. Lic. & Bonded #1738) 

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